Sorority wins at Unrestricted View Film Festival 2021

SORORITY has picked up four awards at this year’s Unrestricted View Film festival including:

BEST FEATURE FILM – (Producers) Nikhil Khosla, Sophie Kennedy Clark & James Webber


BEST ACTRESS (FEATURE) – Sophie Kennedy Clark


The film also received a ‘Special Mention’ for Best Sound: Michael Bates, Mark Andrews, Mirko Simoni & Eleanor K. Russell

Such a wonderful film and it’s been a joy and an honour to be a part of the journey!

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Sorority at London Lift-Off

Our feature film ‘Sorority’ is now available to watch from the comfort of your own sofa. For the next two weeks the film will be screening online, alongside 39 other exciting feature films, as part of the Trendsetter Features programme at the 2020 London Lift-Off film festival. Full details on how you can gain access to our film, and many others, are on the Sorority website now!

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Sorority Nominations at Southampton International Film Festival

The UK Premiere of SORORITY will be at the Southampton International Film Festival in October. Due to the on-going pandemic, this year’s festival will be entirely virtual, which means that even more people will be able to watch the film!

SORORITY has also been nominated for 5 Awards: BEST FEATURE FILM, BEST DIRECTOR & SCREENPLAY (James Webber), BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Sam Gittins) and BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Kate Dickie).

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Derek recently collaborated again with director James Webber to create a lockdown-themed short based on a poem written and read by Scott Temple. Created by each collaborator in isolation, the film explores many of the various unifying themes and experiences of life under lockdown. Watch it here.

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Unseen Scars Poster

Unseen Scars

Choice Point Production’s first feature film ‘Unseen Scars‘ is in pre-production with Derek set to score.

The story follows veteran, James, who on his return from service, has difficulty adapting to civilian life. With the world now very different in James’ eyes, he tries to hide his PTSD from those around him, including his wife Sarah. Following a drink-driving incident, James is eventually forced to seek help from psychologist, Dr Simon Kirby. Through their sessions together, the two men form a friendship that could ultimately end up helping them both.

The film will be made in partnership with …

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